Paige Stevens Photography is based in Richmond VA and is a photographer who captures peoples life stories.

Wedding and Engagements...

Weddings are grand events, peppered with tiny moments to create a day that’s uniquely and charismatically the two of you!

Choosing your wedding photographer is not something to be taken lightly. You want a photographer who captures a wedding experience from start to finish for you and your loved ones to relive years down the road. In the end, once the flowers have wilted, and the send-off sparkles have lost their spark, the memories and photographs of this beautiful day will be all that is left to cherish.

My approach to photography is authentic, relaxed, quirky, vibrant, and the photos reflect the overall experience of your big day. We love pure colors that can stand the test of time, which is precisely what you’ll find in your final product. Every couple is different, and I allow them to help guide the way I photograph and let their personalities shine.

My philosophy for wedding photography is to capture your love story and its raw beauty in candid, real moments. I am a full-time wedding photographer, which means I am available to you and invested in building a relationship to help you feel comfortable and relaxed on the big day. After all, it’s all about you both enjoying your day, celebrating the love that you’ve created and getting lost in every little moment!